Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Morning breaks with silence
Few gazes on the ceiling
Purse lips and a sigh
Palm clashes on chest
Tracing silhouetted slope
Down my breasts... Up my belly

Heartbeat not pacing fast enough
Stuck with those white sheets
Blemished with crimson splashes
Bones weaken
Body rigid
No one to help me

Mouth open in slow motion
As I watch scream's quiet stare
Falling from the ceiling in slow motion
Praying she falls into my mouth
So my huby can hear me downstairs

"Oh babe... Is it coming?"
"Yes! B-a-b-y is coming!"

Hospital smell... frustrating
Pain... piercing
As scream drills her hole down my throat
Vision interrupted
Too many worried faces

It's out of me
She's out of me... A girl
Heartbeat now pacing fast enough

Save my baby
Treat her with all urgency
I'll give anything for her to live
She's just a baby... My baby
Tears fall down to my ears
As I watch silence's scream glare
Stuck on the ceiling

Saturday, 21 January 2012


In growing up, my mother occasionally told me that having a single child will be like carrying a handbag and since she was never ready to leave the other arm bare, she wouldn't understand why her children will do same. So, she's been playfully warning me to hold that baton firmly... She still does.

Honestly, I've been blessed to have someone by my side since birth. You might probably not know how it feels to be a twin but I've no other word to describe it if not "it feels complete!", no offence.

Curtis Quarcoo has been a blessing to my life and will be till I depart. Back in creche and kindergarten when we used to swap positions in class every term, then he took over, more theoritical and me, more practical. I remember the days when I used to cry about breakfast, then when mom is out of sight, he'll just finish up mine and laugh. No wonder he's still bigger than I am. We were together in class till separated in class 6 at Seven Great Princes Academy. Then we moved to Tema and sat back together in class. Brainy! He'll be reading novels with candies in his mouth whiles the teacher was in front of the class.


My keeper. There are stubborn stuff I just wouldn't want my mom to tell him and when she does, ooohh that look on his face... Then he goes "Akwele!" Making me feel all weighty as if the world's guilt is on my shoulders. When it comes to food, he's an interesting fellow. "Today let it be sweet! When I say sweet, you know what I mean... Awww *with a sorrowful face* you should see what I eat in school..." If you were me, wouldn't you give in your best shot?! Lol.

Spiritually, we are so connected. He understands this better. He's such a helper and an admirer. No one is perfect but his fruits are admirable, attractive and sweet when tasted.

Besides this little percentage of fun and excitement, we fight a lot, and make up all the time. Although we are of different sex, we often behave like my lil sisters-twins; equal share, equal privileges and the like. But my mom will always say, who else will you fight with if not him?

I miss him when we're away from home. The fights over who to watch a particular channel, who to do the laundry on a particular day, how much food he's eating, chores, spending money, even the gossips, dreams, plans, dozing off whiles praying, freaking ourselves out, those unheard songs and notes we sing to disturb the hood... I don't know how I would've turned up if I'd come as a single child or worse case scenario, if we were in different families. Well, I guess if we were in different families, I would have an English accent and he, well... *smiles*

There were days we thought we were so different but even in our difference, we are alike in a lot of ways and surprisingly, it's somewhat amazing and a bit annoying cos I can just tell, he he too... Hmmm. God is amazing, isn't he?

The love my brother and I share is beyond measure. He is the first gift God gave me and I know for sure he isn't taking his gift back. Not today, not tomorrow... I wish the best for you, Curtis... I love you like... Like I love you... Mwuah!!

INSPIRATION: I wrote this simple piece in honour of my twin brother. Many honour their mothers, fathers and lovers in writing, but this is for my 'Other-half'

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Shut up!
Shut up if you can't give me the truth in simple words without judging me
You are wounding rather than healing

Shut up!
Oh hypocrite you!
I'm tired of hearing your lines
All so pius and divine

I need peace
I need to stop denying myself
I need to dream with my eyes open
I need to stop seeing myself blemished because I see you

Are you not commanded to love me like yourself?
Oh! Did I ever miss the part that says
"Love thy neighbour as you'd wish yourself be"
Cos you see
My Bible is intact with no leaves out

Tell me I am unclean but will be made whole
I'll understand
Tell me it's not easy but I'll make it through
It's ok with me
Tell me what I need to hear and not what you have to say
That's when I'll feel loved

Who is the murderer?
The one who shot me in self defence
Or the one who refused to keep me alive
Shame on you!
You've got blood in your hands
Who's guilty now?

I am in your life
My life in your hands
Try to keep me alive
Unless you want my blood on your head

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Man: *panting* pls call my wife... Somebody call my wife

Driver: Oh God... Oh God... *breathing hard* I'm sorry...

Abeeku: *in prayer* Lord Jesus, please keep him intact... Don't let him die. Jesus, please heal him

Man: *watches broken arm and disfigured legs* Oh my God! I can't move my arm, I can't feel my legs. Oh God!! *tears gushing down his cheeks settling on cuts and bruises on the neck*

Driver: *at Abeeku* Boss, I beg call his wife, I don't have credits on my phone

Abeeku: *at Man* what is her number

Man: *wailing* pls call my wife... My wife... She's all I've got. Call my wife... Oh Jesus I can't feel my legs


Man: *silent*

Wife: C'mon babe, say something. You haven't talked since morning. I explained everything. Nothing happened... Nothing. I've never been unfaithful, babe and I love you too much to be. Whether you've lost your job and car or not, I still do. You are my husband and he's just a *man interrupts*

Man: *warns* let me hear annother word from you and... What do you take me for?! You seek a job for your husband from your ex-lover? C'mon, woman! I can be a lot of things but not a fool!!

Wife: Ok, at least eat lunch. You rejected breakfast from me, so please babe, I'm sorry...

Man: *takes bag and leaves*

Wife: He forgot our anniversary... *wipes the single tear from left cheek*


Abeeku:...so when the driver took a turn, he didn't put up his traffic-indicator but the motor rider was on full speed so this other man... The one who's injured, I assume he thought the taxi driver will hit them so he panicked and jumped off the bike but he fell on the streets and the taxi driver accidentally run on him... OMG! I've never witnessed this...

Nurse: I called his wife, she's on her way


Wife: *to man* God is here and He loves you...

Man: But you are crying

Wife: *sobs* You'll be fine

Man: I can't feel my limbs... Babe I'm sorry about this morning. I am really sorry. Forgive me and know that I love *she interrupts*

Wife: Don't talk much, babe I understand. You know what? I'll bring our meal and everything here so we could celebrate our

Man: *coughs blood*

Nurse attends to him and Wife waits outside

Nurse: Go home and bring him some clothes, ok?

Man's wife returns with the anniversary meal, a bouquet of flowers and change of clothes. She enters her husbands room and realises it was empty. She panics.

Wife: Ah!

Nurse: Mrs Asiedu, I'm sorry for your loss

Wife: What loss? I just... What?! Oh you don't mean it! I... I... Today is...

Nurse: Internal bleeding, Ma'am. Please come with me...

Wife: Shock grips her feet to the ground

*to be continued*

---True Story--


I'm an addict!
WOW... That went easy

Ok let's try this again

I am an addict
A Coca Cola addict
And I'm not proud of it

Chilled sweaty shape like me
Can have you anytime I please
With a few cedis
You satisfy my need

I'm just a straight girl
In love with a curved her
Don't judge me
It's just a lil piece of me

She's hottest when cold
But never knew she'll leave me lone
Too soon
Right when I was falling deeper
She was attaching harder

My eyes lusted for her
My tongue couldn't have enough of her sweat
But her favourite spot
My stomach walls

Ulcer, Tricia
Said the doctor
Too much carbon dioxide
Go low or no on the coke
And anything C-O-2

Three days of her absence
And I felt I would die if not had her
Then I sneaked one night to see her
She met me with a smile and said

"I missed you much"
On her favorite spot with a hard embrase
Just then I felt pain
Pain that felt like... Pain

What will it cost anyway
Trading a piece of my desire for her
For strength in health
Or have her forever
And continue to suffer

INSPIRATION: Consequences of addiction (Coca Cola) for some years and the effects it caused to my system. Addiction is never a comfortable place to be. It's a sweet killer. It's as equally enjoyable as much as the addict knows it's killing him/softly. Probably it isn't just drug addiction but addiction to other objects or things. In any way, it's no good news

Friday, 30 December 2011


As I walked down the aisle looking pure in my white gown, I saw him afar desperate and waiting to take my hand. I said to myself "he lost his job, has no house, yet I'm marrying him... I'll surprise him with keys to our new house and new car". I said those divine vows looking deep into those eyes that seemed so true. That was then. It's been a little over a year now and as it is today, this is my fourth miscarriage for him and he's been supportive till he refused to send me to the hospital last Wednesday. For a moment I thought it was a nightmare until he broke that ceramic plate my mother gave us on our traditional wedding day, and said to my face "yes! I cheated so what can you do about it?? Four (4) miscarriages, Dede, 4 miscarriages! Look at you, you are fat, won't even make an effort to lose some weight. She's better than you... In fact, I knew it was you, you are a hindrance to my progress!! Wicked woman!!!". Herh! Me? Akwele, wasn't I even fatter when he married me? Did I not get him connected at Cal Bank? Now he's making money and thinks I'm a hindrance to his progress. I curse him!! I curse that woman he cheated on me with with a double portion of my miscarriages!! She'll know no peace till she tastes a portion of this pain. Wicked man! Evil woman!! She will taste the salt in her own tears so bad she wouldn't need any in her food for over a year!"

Ei! Did he not say he liked you the way you are? Anyway, for Jnr, I gave him my all /strokes long Brazilian hair to rest behind right ear/ my time, my pride, my attention, even had to break some rules just because I loved him. And you know what, he knew I was ready to give so much yet he took me for granted... My pride for granted. Everyone thought we were the cutest couple. Ah! Akwele, didn't you make that comment some time back? /nodding/ yea... Then he started behaving... You know what I mean? So then it happened; he wanted out! Right in my face! I remember his exact words "I want out". Herh! It felt like I was suffocating, and the setting was somewhere strange bi saa! I had to meet up with him at Dansoman and he broke up with me in his car at the Dansoman filling station. Ei!! Mb33ma!! /sips a glass of coca cola with iced cubes/ And the weirdest reason was he thought he loved me but did in the beginning and didn't wanna keep hurting me...and can't work it out but have to let me go /hits hand on the counter/ kw3h! I swear I'd wanted to slap him there but God formed me to be too nice. And you know me, I understood, I let it go, but I still love him. I just love him, Akwele, I love that man but it hurts to know he doesn't.

Well, your man seems confused and unstable. I'll never cry over such a man. But seriously, he was the first guy who "knew" you?? *laughs* So who's gonna satisfy those cravings now? Awww baby girl, hmph! Just when I thought a relationship could last over 6mths... We used to get intimate all the time... Abi you know me! Even before church on sundays. We called it "pervy Sundays" /giggling/ Then I got pregnant and had to abort. As much as I loved him and was against abortion, Akwele, I was so not ready. But can you believe Nii found an excuse not to take me to the hospital for the termination? Talk of paying the bills, he contributed no cedi!! A few weeks later, he said he couldn't continue doing "us" so wanted a break up. Look at me, frustration got me eating all the time. Had to change my wardrobe. Now I'm beginning to look like Dede, no offence, Dede. /swearing/ But me Nana Yaa!! /hitting hand on her chest/ Relationships is so out of my books!

Ladies... Ladies... Ladies... I understand it wasn't an easy road for you. You're independent, learned and amazing women and I admire your strength. For all the insults and curses and even well wishes, well, I wouldn't say they deserved less. You know of my story, don't you? Yet Kofi and I are still friends. I mean, do I have an option? I'll see him virtually all the time... Life moves on. But seriously, some men are just not easy to understand even when they try to be; some are also just wicked!... Just wicked!! But hey! Raise your glasses ladies /ladies raise glasses to a toast/... This is to the past that just passed, our strength, our bond, and a new life and independence and wisdom and... /wink/

Sunday, 25 December 2011


I thank God only as much as I can
I don't know if it's His Son's birthday
But it's this day I'm commemorating
For giving His heart to me
His Son to me
That as He lived so shall I live
And in His death I eternally live

Making merry today is fair
Go ahead
Tell me how you're fairing today
Don't be shy
'Tis a day of sharing and love