Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Morning breaks with silence
Few gazes on the ceiling
Purse lips and a sigh
Palm clashes on chest
Tracing silhouetted slope
Down my breasts... Up my belly

Heartbeat not pacing fast enough
Stuck with those white sheets
Blemished with crimson splashes
Bones weaken
Body rigid
No one to help me

Mouth open in slow motion
As I watch scream's quiet stare
Falling from the ceiling in slow motion
Praying she falls into my mouth
So my huby can hear me downstairs

"Oh babe... Is it coming?"
"Yes! B-a-b-y is coming!"

Hospital smell... frustrating
Pain... piercing
As scream drills her hole down my throat
Vision interrupted
Too many worried faces

It's out of me
She's out of me... A girl
Heartbeat now pacing fast enough

Save my baby
Treat her with all urgency
I'll give anything for her to live
She's just a baby... My baby
Tears fall down to my ears
As I watch silence's scream glare
Stuck on the ceiling

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